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In this video -- using Poker Stove and the Winner in a Week calculators linked above -- I explain the math behind recommended post-flop bet sizes with respect to your goals with any given move. This video especially covers numerous so-called " way-ahead, way-behind" scenarios and the difference... Way Ahead / Way Behind - Далеко впереди / Далеко позади

Poker Concepts - The Poker Bank Poker Concepts. By Greg Walker. Here are some poker concepts. These "concepts" build upon the basics and mathematics of poker strategy. The goal of these concepts is to help you think differently about the way you play poker. This section has no structure. Pick whichever concept sounds the most interesting. Concepte din poker in actiune: Way Ahead/Way Behind, al ... Cand flopul vine , DeCarolis se afla intr-o situatie clasica “way ahead/way behind” (WAWB) - adica ori foarte mult in urma lui Salomon, ori foarte mult in fata lui. Salomon ori il are batut complet cu un optar sau full de asi, ori are bluff pur cu sanse infime sa bata pana pe river top-pair-top-kickerul lui Decarolis. Play Expert Poker -- Winning Poker Strategy Welcome to Play Expert Poker! This blog is intended to help amateur poker players learn to win at poker, by giving them a window into my daily battles on the green felt.. As a professional poker player I set out every day to play expert poker.

Was playing a 2/5 no cap. never played at this location or a 2/5 with no cap.

El way ahead/way behind, o en cristiano "claramente por detrás/claramente por delante", es una línea postflop muy útil en ciertos casos que nos ayudará ... Way Ahead/Way Behind: Take it Slow Against a Preflop ... A big hand from the ARIA Super High Roller Series cash game presents a classic "Way Ahead/Way Behind" postflop situation in which caution is recommended. Profitable Bluff-Catching in Way Ahead/Way Behind ... Sometimes in poker the hand that you have can be much better or much worse than it initially seems. If you have two pair, you might think of that as a great hand. Way Ahead/Way Behind and Other Common Situations ... My latest poker strategy article, “Way Ahead/Way Behind and Other Common Situations“, is now appearing in the January edition of Two Plus Two Magazine.

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Mr Lucky Poker: Way Ahead or Way Behind? How many hands can beat you? What's your position? Who are you up against? I forgot this concept when I had JJ, in position, recently, in a live ring game. Way Ahead or Way Behind - Card Player Poker Magazine - Dec ...

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Texas Hold'em Poker Strategien 2019 - Die Way Ahead, Way Behind Strategie im Check. Alle wichtigen Infos für deutsche Spieler. Way Ahead - Pókerpédia - Az adott játékos a Top Two-val Way Ahead, tehát előnyben van (a példa kedvéért a lehetséges Suitednessből adódó [Flush Drow]? Handektől eltekintve), amennyiben az ellenfelek kezében nincs egy 7-es lap vagy egy 3-as pár. A Way Ahead ellentéte a Way Behind. classic way ahead or way behind, turn sizing 3b pot IP Gen. Poker 1,681 Threads Mental Game 221 Threads Other Stuff 375 Threads Poker classic way ahead or way behind, turn sizing 3b pot IP??? | *did I mess this up?* Posted by DatpKay Posted by DatpKay posted in Mid Stakes. Posted 1 year, 7 months ago. PLO QuickConcept #4 There Are Far Less Way Ahead/Way Mar 31, 2014 · PLO QuickConcept #4 There Are Far Less Way Ahead/Way Behind Situations In PLO Than There Are In NLHE. If you love poker, then you will love PokerTube. The world's largest Poker Media website has everything you need to follow the games that matter to you. With over 20,000 videos available covering a wide variety of live and online games ...

Slovník pokeru - pokerový slovník - na představuje největší pokerový slovník a zdroj pokerové terminologie na českém internetu.

Jan 14, 2015 ... Last week, researchers claimed to have developed a poker-playing computer ... a programme called Late Night Poker that revolutionised the way in which ... whole theory behind poker, and how to figure what the best plays would be .... and making a 'winning' program that actually tries to come out ahead.

The concept of being either way ahead or way behind in a poker hand is nothing new, but as far as critical poker concepts go, it's among the least understood.The simplest way to explain playing a way ahead or way behind hand is to try some scenarios and figure out how to make the best of them.